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face radio (1998)

Talk Artists Intiative, Melbourne

Level 6 / Nicholas Building
12 - 22 February 1998

Pencil, ink, gouache, watercolour on paper. Installation dimensions variable, total length of AM and FM frequencies approximately 16 metres (1997)

An enduring fantasy of a centrally located Radio Personality with an expansive view from a city building onto the surrounding broadcast location as he or she speaks. With the necessity of live airplay, radio talkback programming is of particular interest as any response is potentially part of the program content. After listening to certain voices, details on a Host or Personality were noted and images were made during their program time. The 24 hour clock can be divided up into the frequency and program according to the regularity in which I tuned in. The experience time listening to a Host/ Personality varied considerably from minutes to years. As an example, Tony Delroy (AM 774) who was in his early forties at this time had claimed to look like John Travolta on at least two occasions between 1994 and 1997. A regular Listener/Caller mentioned during a Quiz that he had received Tony’s photo in the mail along with some other ABC presenters. One mental image might be adjusted gradually over time and eventually superseded or in the case of the listener who requested a photo of Tony Delroy, obliterated in a single instant.

Catalogue Text  (Triple R 102.7 FM)
Face Radio Live (2006/08)

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