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I was building a house (2023) 
Video | Colour | Stereo Sound | 3' 45" | 23.98 fps

A sombre document of a failed private housing project in inner city Melbourne in the guise of a music video made amidst the aftermath of floods. A solitary man, akin to a ghost, is seen forlornly gazing into black pools of water in the dead of night, and somewhere in a more hopeful undeveloped past. Through his song, he tells the viewer that they can take a picture, and he'll stand right there. The project's title takes its cue from Gene Hackman's dying words in the Clint Eastwood film Unforgiven (1992). Hackman, as the murderous racist sheriff Little Bill Daggett, lies dumbfounded on the floor of a Wild West Saloon, having discovered the protections granted by home ownership under settler mentality can be a fleeting illusion.

Site-specific projection and Das Kapital [A City of Stonnington Arts Project]

Featuring Angus HAMILTON
Music by Bucket Men

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