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Sleep Salon (2016)

First shown in DOUBLE BLIND
First Site Gallery, RMIT University 2016
Three Channel Video | Colour | Sound | Infinite loops 

An experimental work instigated by two factors:

[1] The re-discovery of audio cassette tapes produced by my father to make use of time otherwise lost during long work-related driving trips in rural Queensland in the 1970's. These voice recordings of content from his mature age undergraduate studies were invariably preceded by a vocal test in which he would repeatedly count from one to ten.

[2] A dream that featured a sinister Germanic building across the road from my primary school playground—a school I attended during the era in which the aforementioned audio tapes were produced. While fully aware the building could have no basis in reality past or present, the impression the dream had left led me to visit the location I had not looked at for decades. The site where it stood was a vacant warehouse building. To its right were two commercial premises: a Forty Winks mattress showroom that featured the slogan get a better bed and an autObarn.

Play VIDEO (Vimeo)


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