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When you're in love with a beautiful woman (2011)
Video | colour | sound | duration 8' 22" | 2009

Two videos from 2009 explore the shared territory of self-documented, amateurish performance as a typical characteristic of both early video art and the celebrity seeking short-form monologues and reenactments found on YouTube. The "live" one-take duration and interplay of dialogue within the work however is an illusion. The use of compositing, altered frame rates and lip-sync along with a combination of unlikely visual and aural sources is more often associated with animation—a medium in which a collaborative process of production is a more rational option to take over any approach by a solitary individual. In Grey Highlights (for Christine) 3' 48", a New Zealand golden oldies radio station makes contact with the spirit of the car from the John Carpenter film, Christine (based on the Stephen King novel) via a séance. Senora...Senora...Senora...  3' 38" features a trio of floral shirted men performing a chipmunk lip-sync to a song from the movie Flashdance.

BUS Projects Screen Space 29.11.11 - 17.12.11
Curated by Kim BROCKETT

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