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Bucketmen Interlude (2014)
Super 8 film transferred to HD video | colour | sound

A man paces back and forth before his own multiplied reflection until his focus shifts to his third eyeitself an illusion provided by the same glass. Featuring Angus HAMILTON | 1' 04" music excerpt from Fat Fink courtesy of Bucketmen

First shown in ONE HOUR GLASS* curated by Kieran Boland for Five Walls Projects 12 - 28 June 2014
Featuring Emily CHEN | Stephen GARRETT | Daniel GOOD JOHN and Alexandra PETERS | Stephen HALEY | Susan JACOBS | Sally MANNALL | Justin MOORE | Dominic REDFERN | Polly STANTON | Brie TRENERRY

*In bringing together video works that draw attention to the materials and properties of glass, along with the passing of time, this exhibition constitutes an hourglass. The works of the artists have been carefully selected so that the combined duration in its entirety will run for precisely one hour.

Review by Penny WEBB (The Melbourne Age)

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