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Face Radio Live (2006 / 08)

18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica USA
Australia Council Studio 
7.11.07 - 8.2.08

La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre
curated by Carolyn DEW 1.7.06 - 30.7.06

Revisiting the drawing project Face Radio (1998) I map out the radio frequency spectrum for the duration of the residency by making images of radio hosts according to what they sound like. The project seeks to emphasize a transitional process between the passive act of listening and the active acts of imagining and drawing by placing the artist in residence as a translator. Unlike the typical exhibition model that stages a series of resolved polished works, it begins in an empty space—with the exception of a fictional video re-enactment constructed using audio recordings from the radio. It evolves over the duration of the residency as I make the images as works on paper via requests from visitors. This live model aims to strengthen the connections between a studio practice and its presentation by making them parallel activities, thus broaching the gap between the artist and the audience as viewers may tune into the project at various points in time to watch it develop and unfold. At the conclusion of the residency the images are in turn fed back into an audio format—as they are described, discussed and disseminated through a series of live radio broadcast interventions.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

ABC Radio 
Interview Bendigo (2006)
Essay by Darrin LITTLE Los Angeles
Face Radio Live 
Los Angeles (Video)
Face Radio Live
Interventions (Video)


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