You Carnt (2009)
16:9 HD video | colour | sound | duration 5' 00"


Where did devout party enthusiasm end and sardonic lampoonery begin? - Philip K. Dick*

Early in the 20th century, Marinetti celebrated the birth of the car in a Futurist Manifesto that mixed fascism and anarchism. Towards the end of the 20th century, Carl Sagan was to suggest that if aliens were to look down on our planet they would conclude that the dominant life form was the car and that humans merely the fuel—leaving one to wonder what will be driving the cars if the human species disappears. The video features a parking inspector wearing a uniform made from recycled hessian and a mechanic as the car driver seeking space to park. The light blue overalls of the mechanic appear from time to time under the car parking inspector's uniformunsettling any 'suspension of disbelief' within the piece as a costume drama. Shot mostly in the Melbourne CBD within full view of an alternately perplexed, dismayed, bemused or bored public.

First shown at Kings ARI, Melbourne 13.3.09 - 4.4.09

Essay by Adam BROWNE

*Dick, P.K., 1967. Faith Of Our Fathers; Dangerous Visions (Anthology) Double Day, New York