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face radio (1998)


September 1997. The last caller for the morning has supplied his first name and date of birth during the earlier music break. Is there something specific you want to discuss? she had asked. No, the call had been made on impulse and he is surprised to have gotten through.The cover version of Ringo Starr's 'It don't come easy' is in progress.


Keely: We're talking about astrology and stuff and we've got Kieran on the line, G'day Kieran, how's it going?


Kieran: Oh hi, I couldnt decide on whether to talk about relationships or work, so just a general thing about my birthdate. I was born at seven in the morning if that's any help.

Rob: Hmm-hmmn.

Kieran: and ah... yeah, if there's any relief on the horizon for being a Virgo.

Keely: Oh youre stuck with it! Haha ha!

Rob: You're a Virgo for life Kieran.

Kieran: yeah...


Rob: But you do have an aspect of Mars from the sign of Sagittarius.I've talked a bit about Sagittarius this morning-

Kieran: I can't stand Sagittarius!

Rob: Can't you?


Kieran: Yeah...

Rob: Yeah it gives a bit more colour to-ah well it gives a variety to Virgo-I guess they can actually-on the surface there is a conflict between the two signs because Virgo's more practical it likes to get lost in the details of stuff and focus on the practical side of life but the Sagittarius is more a visionary sign, it tends to think big it's more messy and less discriminating than Virgo, but it has a vision. A good example of someone who is-I think he's also-yeah he's a Virgo, no maybe the other way around, maybe he's Sagittarius with Mars in Virgo, but the same combination basically; Stephen Speilberg.

Kieran: ...Oh right.

Rob: He's got this grand vision, he makes all these grand movies about out of space and these big, big theories and ideas and visions and stuff but the process-

Kieran: Not lately!

Rob: Not lately, as in what?

The caller does not like films about dinosaurs.

Rob: But anyway,as far as his art goes he combines a grand vision with a very, very detailed technical work required to do all those sort of computer generated images and that sort of-

Kieran: What do you think of a match with Scorpio-for pairings Rob?

Rob: Between Virgo and Scorpio?They are quite similar in a lot of ways, both quite thorough signs and they have a strong sense of loyalty and duty so's there's commitment between a Virgo and Scorpio but it depends on other stuff that's going on in the charts as well. I notice you've got Venus in Leo,which is a bit different from Scorpio, it means that in terms of fun and pleasure you need positive feedback, you like someone who will pay you plenty of attention. There's different sides of your chart and there's different sides of a Scorpio person's chart as well, so compatiblity is a fairly complex thing.Virgo and Scorpio are fairly compatible signs yeah.

Kieran: Oh right.. yeah-I always thought Virgo and Sagittarius were totally incompatible.

Rob: Virgo and Sagittarius? We were talking before about your having both of those in.your chart-

Kieran: -through personal history anyway-

Rob: -yeah they are-

Kieran: -ultimately incompatible.

Rob: No,no.The signs that are traditionally called incompatible-it means there's a tension between them. Now if you basically like the other person and trust them it adds spice to the relationship, it means you are going to have a bit of conflict but if you trust each other and care for each other and respect each other then the conflict can be enjoyable and exciting and stimulating.Too much incompatiblity leads to too much tension and it just becomes too problematic.A bit of what you could call incompatiblity is actually-can be-quite fun so I don't see it as a black and white thing.

Kieran: Alright thanks for that. Bye.

You've been listening to Triple R,102.7 FM, Melbourne



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