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tonyB: the overlook remix (2008)

Kieran Boland's installation in the Curtin House Lift is not confusing, but it is multi-layered. A far cry from the usual, lift-based inventory of individuals who can be contacted for a root, it asks more of your brain than a standard, six floor journey actually allows. Inspired by Kubrick's The Shining, an iPod video loop begins with cinema's iconic lift movement: the wave of blood crashing into the foyer of The Overlook Hotel. Danny's alter ego, Tony, talks as a child's finger waggles. The walls of the lift are wallpapered with a panorama of Montana's Glacier National Park (through which Jack navigated the VW). But the voice of Tony is actually the voice of Triple R's Tony Biggs, pitched up to 140%. Everyone's trapped! Biggs in the iPod, Tony in the finger, you in the lift. And any new graffiti will take on a certain "Redrum" menace. Worth a minimum of three visits this week.

The Age Preview Magazine Visual Arts Reviews, Page 32, 31st August 2008


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