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strawberry fields recording (2006)
4:3 video for iPod | colour | sound | duration 4' 27"


In late 1967 the Beatles launched the Apple Organization as a record label and management company with a boutique.
The Apple boutique closes 31 July 1968 after a liquidation sale in which the remaining stock is given away.


Interviewer: What is Apple John?

Lennon: It's a company we're setting up involving records, films, electronics and manufacturing.

McCartney: It's just trying to mix business with enjoyment. All the profits wont go into our pockets; it'll go to help people, but not like a charity.

Lennon: Like if somebody wants to make a film and they get shown into the wastepaper bin. Nothing ever happens and they go around and they make an underground one and lots of people never see it. We hope to make a thing that's free where people can come and do and record and not have to ask, 'Can we have another mike in the studio, because we haven't had a hit yet?

Excerpt from a Press Conference with the Beatles

Imagine: John Lennon Andrew Solt and Sam Egan, MacMillan NY 1988



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