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Backyard Psycho (2018)
Video | Colour | Stereo Sound | 2' 00" | 23.98 fps

Manipulated iPhone video (2' 00") accessed via QR codes embedded in two photographic prints and laser-cut cardboard within a public phone booth as part of a site-specific installation for Artland RMIT University Brunswick Campus, 2018

This project explored the disjunctive space between vocal transmission and sites of presentation for video art. Just as the obligatory switch to flight mode during air travel frames at either end of our journey between places, cinema etiquette insists that our phones are switched to silent. We sit in a black box at the movies but hope the black box on our aeroplane never needs listening to. Using the QR code reader now incorporated into all smartphone cameras, the audience is invited to play a short video in which the sinister black-clad figure on the phone booth wall unearths black box flight recorders at a crash site behind the dilapidated house from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho (1960).

Special Thanks
Johnson NGUYEN

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