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The Wrong Resources (2016)
Video | Colour | Stereo Sound | 5' 01" | 23.98 fps

HD Video projection | 16:9 aspect ratio wall mounted screen and sound system | colour | stereo sound | duration 5'21"
| English and German | First shown in Double Blind at First Site Gallery RMIT University 2016

A discarded reel to reel tape recorder amongst other material within a waste
recycling area plays a woman’s voice speaking in German. A man replays the material for a woman who acts as both his interpreter and counsellor within a dark interior surrounded by plant life. As a result of her accent, he misinterprets her advice to fall back on his “own resources” as the “wrong resources”—at which point she instigates an iChing session that seems closer to a séance. As she inputs iChing data into a rubber keyboard, the man is transported back to the garbage collection area in which the reel to reel tape recorder was first seen. He uses the same machine to record himself singing as he sits alone at night amongst the recycling material that surround the garbage bins. The tape recorder malfunctions and he finds himself once again within the interior setting. The woman is unable to provide any further guidance as she is now blind—hence he must follow her original interpretation and fall back onto his own resources. After a short interval of 15 seconds, the film projection recommences with the discovery of the discarded tape recorder.

Featuring Rebecca BOWER and Angus HAMILTON  
Vocal tracks from an iChing session conducted by Indira SHANAHAN (for Kieran Boland)
Music track Two4toolate courtesy of Bucketmen | First shown in DOUBLE BLIND RMIT University 2016


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