The Wrong Resources (2016)
Video | Colour | Stereo Sound | 5' 01" | 23.98 fps

HD Video projection | 16:9 aspect ratio wall mounted screen and sound system | colour | stereo sound | duration 5'21"
| English and German | First shown in
Double Blind at First Site Gallery RMIT University 2016

An obsolescent reel to reel tape recorder found amongst uncollected garbage within an urban recycling area plays a woman’s voice speaking in German. Consequently, the woman acts as both an interpreter and a counsellor to a man who replays the material on the discarded tape machine for her in a 
dark interior surrounded by plant life. He mishears her advice to fall back on his “own resources” as the “wrong resources”—inspiring her to conduct an iChing session with him that resembles a séance. Transported briefly back to the recycling area at night, he uses the same reel to reel tape deck to record himself singing as he sits amongst the garbage. On returning to the interior, the woman now appears to be blind and the tape recorder has malfunctioned. The narrative returns to the starting point once more.

Featuring Angus HAMILTON and Rebecca BOWER using the soundtrack from an iChing session conducted by Indira SHANAHAN for Kieran Boland. Music track Two4toolate courtesy of Bucketmen First shown in DOUBLE BLIND RMIT University 2016